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Features & Benefits
  • Clearly denoted on the I.D. tag as Midline catheter.
  • Eliminates the need for a chest X-Ray.
  • Thermosensitive polyurethane material is both alcohol and iodine compatible.
  • Available in single and dual configurations.
  • MRI compatible.
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Medcomp® Midline Catheters

Midline Catheters – Reliable Short Term Access with lower incidence of infection & complications when compared to PIVs & CVCs.
Midlines do not require an X-ray after placement, and can be used when a patient's vasculature will not accomodate a PICC. Available in several packaged configurations,
now including Max Barrier kits.

Medcomp® Midline Catheter depth markings

Precise Depth Markings the entire length of the catheter lumen allow acurate measurement and trimming.

Medcomp® Midline Catheter flexible, thermosensitive material

Flexible, Thermosensitive Polyurethane material allows the lumen to conform easily to
vessel anatomy and the suture wing to bend
for patient comfort.

Medcomp® Midline Catheter ID Rings

Clearly Marked ID Rings on the catheter extensions identify it
as a Midline catheter.

Medcomp® Midline Catheter
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